Wednesday, December 15

Spanish Embassy- Miami

T minus 34 days until I fly off the Spain! I apologize for not keeping up with the blog thus far (I promise this isn't foreshadowing for my blogging habits while in Spain). 

I went to Miami about a month ago to apply for my student visa. My mom and I drive down there on a Sunday and came back the next day after my appointment (20 hours in the car)!! The appointment went very smoothly. I simply had to wait in a room with everyone for about 30 minutes until they called my number, which happened to be dos-morado, my favorite color! It was fun to speak Spanish in the appointment and it was definitely a reassurance that I can do it in Spain, too. They will stamp my passport and will send it back within the month. 

Miami was very interesting. It was my first time going there and honestly, I could probably just have studied abroad down there. EVERYTHING was in Spanish and everyone spoke Spanish. It was great! We stayed in a rich part of Miami and all the cars we saw were super expensive. It was just a totally different culture down there and I was not expecting that. But all in all, we had a good time and we were glad to be driving home Monday morning. Bye Miami, hello Valencia!