Friday, May 6

It all started with a postcard

Hola! I just back on Monday from a week and a half spring break trip. My roommate and I decided to tour the southern cities of Spain and hit up a little bit of Portugal. We had a great time with only a few snags here and there. We hit all types of transportation: flying, metros, bikes, walking, trains, swimming and buses. On top of the non-stop schedule we made, we lost 3 nights of sleep taking night buses and trains. I don't really recommend doing that, but it was so much fun! We did so much that I can't really do it justice in a blog. When I am home (in a week!!) I will be happy to share my thousands of pictures with everyone. For now, here is the timeline with some highlights....

Flew to Sevilla, Spain 

Bused to Faro, Portugal 
(Faro was a bit boring, but the beaches were gorgeous.
 Being in Portugal was a little nerve racking because I knew 
NO Portuguese. )

Bused to Lagos, Portugal for the day (I saw a postcard at the beach in Faro of this place called Lagos and I decided I wanted to go there. I went to the bus station the next morning and bought 10 euro tickets for a nice day trip. So my new words of advice....always go look at the postcards and then go there! After looking back at my pictures, I still can't believe this place is real. While swimming in the crystal clear Mediterranean water, I kept expecting Captain Jack Sparrow to sail around the corner and take me away.)

Bused back to Faro, Portugal

Bused back to Sevilla, Spain
(Here we saw the Cathedral which is the 3rd largest
 in Europe and the Alcazar. Pictured here is the Tower 
of Gold. This is the first stop the gold and treasures
 from the New World would make in Spain. )

...and had a little time to relax by the river...

Bused to Córdoba, Spain 
(Saw the Mezquita and all the vibrant patios around Córdoba. 
For some reason, the Mezquita was so moving- it was a very
emotional experience for me.)

...while seeing beautiful Andalucían countryside...

Bused to Granada, Spain
(Hands down my favorite Spanish city so far. AMAZING. It has a great hippy/Moroccan culture that is so inviting and fresh. We spent a whole day at the city's Alhambra which is an amazing fortress that the Moors built during their time in Spain. Breathtakingly beautiful. I recommend Granada to anyone visiting Spain. PS. You get free tapas when you order drinks! Kara and I went on a tapas crawl one night and we were very successful in our ventures.)

...Almost didn't make it....

Stayed in a treehouse of a hostel...

And finally, took a train back to Valencia.

See you all in a few days (I get back late Wednesday night and there are going to be lots of fiestas next weekend....I am an expert Sangria maker now)! Hasta Luego...