Sunday, April 17

Adventure time

So since the days have been dwindling, my sleep schedule has as well. Its become a crazy whirlwind of school, hw, going out, walking, biking and adventuring. I just woke up from a 12 hour siesta.....

Somehow or another, where ever I seem to go, there are aways awesome friends to be had. On Wednesday nights here, some guys have been playing at a popular bar that we go to and do a couple sets. They sing fun American songs and throw some Spanish ones in the mix as well. The Spaniards eat it right up...and the performers get free cervesas!

Thursday, some chicas and I went out to a really nice cocktail bar called "la casa blanca" and got some amazing drinks. They were all fun, girly, Spanish style drinks. The place itself is really cool...which is why we wanted to go in the first place. Its in the main plaza and there are seats outside as well as in the 4-story tall white building with cool black lights outside of it. Very chill place. Then we went to an Irish pub because the guys who work there are really cool and you get free food when you order drinks. It was a very eclectic night.

Friday night, we had the school's cabaret (talent show)! Of course your's truly was in it. We wrote a little play/musical and performed it for the school. Hopefully it will be on youtube so I can share it with everyone. Other groups got little dancing numbers together with popular club songs, some people read poetry, some sang, some music groups got together again. It was a great time! All the professors got to see our crazy, American true colors. Then we went out to Foster's Hollywood, which is a famous "American" restaurant here, but it is SO very Spanish. All the American food has a Spanish twist and the place was completely packed. It was fun to see their version of our food. Then we found the COOLEST place I have ever been too. It is a little hole-in-the-wall bar about a block off the main plaza. I have no idea what it is called. It is a little place with all sorts of artifacts and pictures hanging all over. The lights were really dark and obscure and there was a loft with bean bag chairs that--of course--we sat in all night. I have to be honest though, most people would think this place is a little creepy. There was a weird soundtrack playing of "witchy" sounding music and some of the things laying around were a bit odd. For example, on our table, the candle was a little tea light with a dog lifting a leg over it.

Yesterday was Peñíscola for the day. We took about a 2 hour bus ride north of Valencia to this amazing small city. The water here...oh was Mediterranean blue. It was gorgeous! We spend about 3 hours on the beach and then we hiked up a little ways to a castle that sat right on the beach. (I will post my pictures on Facebook). The weather was hot with a nice breeze, we all ate our bocadillos on the beach, took pictures on top of the castle, got gelato on our hike down. It was amazing! This was the best excursion yet. I got a little sunburnt because we were out so long, but no pasa nada (no worries). The castle used to be home to the Pope during a dangerous time in Rome. It was a smaller castle, but we got to explore the whole thing from the top of the towers down to the dungeons below, to the Pope's reading rooms over looking the bay to the churches hidden inside. So amazing!

Today is homework day yet again. We only have 5 more days of classes!! 3 this week, then 2 weeks of Spring Break, then 2 days of classes, then 3 days of exams. So nuts! I am excited for the classes to be over...but I don't want to leave Spain! I really do think that everyone should just come over here. Sound good to you? Good!

.....Actually, over the course of writing this blog, I have made plans to go to the BioPark. Think animal kingdom in Spain....tell you about it later!

Hasta Luego

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