Friday, April 8

Counting down the days!

Only 33 more days left in Valencia! This number has put me in "go" mode and I am always on the move! I had a pretty good week this week. I got a little homesick after my birthday but all that cleared up after a big cup of café americano from Starbucks. It is funny when I order it, because Europeans only like to drink their coffee in little shot glasses super strong with expresso, but I am all about the big cup of joe to sip on for hours.

The weather is perfect in Valencia right now! Its about 75 to 80 everyday with a nice breeze. All the students here at UVA are sun worshippers so while they all go to the beach today, I am going to go hiking in the mountains! I didn´t realize how diverse the geography of Valencia is. We have the beach by the city, and then you take about a 30 minute bus ride out to the national park.

I have my bocadillo in hand and am about to head out! Hasta luego amigos.


  1. What is the elevation at the national Park and what kinds of flora & fauna live there? Send full report. As always, be careful!

  2. These final days in Spain will surely fly by for you but they won't fly by nearly fast enough for your loved ones at home. We are so ready for a "Katie fix" up close and personal!

    Love you so much, Moms and Posp

  3. OOPS! Sorry about the typo - should be Pops!

  4. Can't wait to hear about the hiking trip! Love you! Mom