Sunday, April 10

Hiking in Serra and some fútbol

Caffeine overdose. It is almost 1am here and I am waking  up in 6 hours, but I cannot fall asleep. I went to Starbucks around 5pm this afternoon and ordered a venti iced café americano....this was a mistake. I haven't been drinking much caffeine because they just drink expresso here with lots of milk and I just don't like that combo as much as the normal pot o' joe. So when I ordered a large, normal coffee....the caffeine is raging in my body right now. Crap. Oh well, I will just blog for you nice people.

I had a beautiful weekend in Valencia. The weather is now about 80 during the day with a nice breeze and 65ish during the night hours. I went on an all day hiking trip to Serra on Friday (pueblo in the Comunitat de Valencia). I took the metro as far as it could go north, then jumped on a 30 minute bus ride to the middle of the Valencia National Forest. Serra is a quaint little pueblo that only speaks Valenciano but has great hiking trails. I made my way up a mountain to a little castle that overlooked the land. The terrain here is very dry, rocky and red. My tennis shoes are a brilliant pink right now.

It was about a 4 hour hike up and down. When I got back down, I had about an hour to kill before the next bus back, so I stopped in a little café and got a cold treat. I had a nice little conversation with the owner of the café. The family had owned the café for 73 years and he tried to get me to have lunch with his son. Cute, but that whole Valenciano language barrier would never allow us to work out. haha. They all think I am blond here too. I guess anything that isn't tan and dark brown is blonde to them.

Then tonight, I went to the Valencia C.F. fútbol game! We won 5-0!! It was a great game. The weather was perfect, we had great seats, we were wearing our bright orange jerseys. Too much fun. It was my first BIG soccer game and it was a blast. Lots of drums, singing, music, clapping, screaming, jumping. The Spanish are very into their soccer. I have never seen so many obscene gestures thrown at each other. We played Villa-Real, a city close to Valencia. (Rankings: 1.Barcelona, 2.Madrid, 3.Valencia, 4.Villa-Real) It was great. I prefer these games over American football games too. There weren't drunk people everywhere, people SAT DOWN during the game until a goal was scored, and there are never commercial breaks in soccer. Amazing! I am officially hooked. Valencia C.F. fan through and through!

We have a long week of classes. 5 days! Only 10 more days of classes left for the semester though, so I think I can battle through them. Getting ready for Spring Break vacations! Hope everyone at home is doing well.

Hasta Luego

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