Wednesday, April 20


Went to the *amazing* Valencia zoo on Sunday. It is a zoo that tries to hide barriers between people and animals....think "animal kingdom" because that is what it reminded me of. We saw hippos, monkeys, aardvarks, birds, fish, elephants, zebras, much fun. Here are some pictures of the zoo and also some from Peñíscola (check the last blog). I still can't believe that Peñíscola is a real place. waters...sun....pirates. Well, no pirates, but I am sure they were here at one point in history.

Tonight is the HUGE game in Spain! The finals...the King's Cup. The king of Spain will be in my backyard pretty much. There is going to be millions of people in and around the stadium and I am so excited. You should watch it! I was interviewed by an ESPN reporter yesterday about the fútbol world in Spain...he said I might have a 30 second!

Oh, yeah, and I officially do not want to leave Spain. Sorry everyone back at home...I might just be canceling my plane tickets. Miss you all! Love you!


  1. We'll be comin' for ya' gal!

    Love you, Moms

  2. Katie,

    Listening to the radio here and they are talking about the Madrid win in Soccer last night! Have you heard about the trophy being dropped and run over by the team bus?


  3. Yes! I was at the mestalla watching the game at a was fun! And I saw the news in the morning about the trophy...they are trying to get it repaired now. I was secretly happy because I was going to Barcelona last night!