Sunday, April 3

Birthday Weekend

Thank you all for all my birthday wishes! It was a bit sad being away from family AND friends from back home, but everyone here made it well worth it. I went out with one of my good friends from Spain on Thursday and some of my school friends on Friday. Last night (the actual birthday night) was pizza picnic night in the Río. Kara, my roommate, gave me a nice bottle of wine and a pack of my favorite cookies. (the bottle of wine is a treat because in true broke-college-kid ways, we always by the 1 euro bottles)

We had beautiful weather here in Valencia for a great weekend! The Spanish sun, Mediterranean beaches, cold horchata, green parks...livin' the dream.  I also bought fútbol tickets for the Valencia game next Sunday. I'm getting my jersey ready!

Well now I have to finally start hacking away at the mountain of homework I have left for Sunday. I hope that everyone back at home is healthy and well and I miss you all very much! Birthday party when I get home!!

Hasta Luego

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